• Severe Power Blackout Happens Every Year

In the past 10 years, at least 75 major power outages took place in different places of the world, in Australia, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, Poland, Tanzania, France, the United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan, Isle of Man, New Zealand, Chile, Iceland, India, Cyprus, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malta, Egypt, South Africa, Pakistan, Russia…

7 times in 2007

8 times in 2008

9 times in 2009

9 times in 2010

14 times in 2011

6 times in 2012

9 times in 2013

7 times in 2014

6 times in 2015

The above figures show that severe power blackout happens every year, and people in both the developing world and the developed world suffer from such major power outages, and a lot more people suffer from blackouts not so severe.LED light, led light bulbs, LED tube lights

  • Most People Feel Helpless at Power Blackout

Imagine a power cut the moment you are having dinner, or taking a shower and having soap all over, or using the toilet, or reading a fascinating novel, or playing a game with your little kids…It is unimaginable how helpless most people are when a blackout happens, suddenly and unexpectedly! The kids may get frightened, or even wounded. Old people will feel even more inconvenient with no light. Adults in work can make unacceptable mistakes. The result is clear—losing money!

  • Are You Prepared?

Candles can be of some help, but are not always so handy. Very often we may find ourselves unable to find any candle or even a lighter (smokers are exceptional, of course)! A torch is good, but instead of lighting up the entire space, it only shine your a way out. The nightmare is that there’s no way out, because the entire community, the whole city, even half of the country, is in darkness!

101 led light bulbsBlackout does not happen often, that’s why most of us are not prepared for it. Are you prepared? Are you always prepared?If we cannot generate power at home, if we cannot afford to make serious mistakes at work in case of sudden arrival of complete darkness caused by power cut, we MUST be prepared!

Are you excited if your lamps can continue to give off light without interruption for hours after power failure happens?!

  • The Ideal Solution: 101 Intelligent Emergency LED Light Bulbs/Tubes

Simply replace all your light bulbs/tubes with 101 LED emergency light bulbs/tubes! This is easy! AND money-saving!

101 Lighting is always one step ahead in LED technology, optimizing lighting performance over ordinary energy-saving compact fluorescent lights. As reliable high-power, high-brightness bulbs/tubes with a wide range of power ratings, 101 emergency lighting products can illuminate residential or commercial space and are compatible with most dimmers. What’s more, in case of power failure when all your neighbors suffer from darkness, these innovative smart emergency LED bulbs/tubes will automatically switch to emergency lighting for up to 3 hours! Absolutely everyone in the community will envy you!smart emergency LED bulb, LED smart emergency bulbs101 HEM0004 12 Watt (E27) Rechargeable Household smart emergency LED bulb (CE Compliant and RoHS Compliant)emergency T8 LED light18 Watt 101 Lighting Rechargeable smart emergency T8 LED light with battery inside