A Series Emergency Bulbs

A Series Emergency LED Bulbs

8 Hours Emergency Lighting, With Remote contral to Turn Off The Bulbs and keep Charging When You Need to Leave Home, E27/B22 Optional.
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D Series Emergency Bulbs

D Series LED Rechargeable Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulb with Backup Light for Power Outages or Power Failure, Powers On Automatically When Your Power Goes Out
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B Series Emergency Bulbs

B Series LED Light Bulb with Battery Backup

Battery Detachable Emergency LED Bulbs, With Two Rechargeable Batteries, Backup Lighting Up TO 4 hours and 600 Lumen.
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E Series Emergency Bulbs

E Series Battery Powered Emergency Lights

Built-in Rechargeable Battery Keeps Light On When Power Goes Out; Functions As a Regular Light Bulb When Power is On
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C Series Emergency Bulbs

C Series LED Emergency Bulbs

LED Emergency Light Bulb with Built-in Rechargeable Battery, 3 Hours of Light in Power Outage, E27/B22 Base Optional.
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F Series Emergency Bulbs

F Series LED Battery Light Bulb

These Bulbs Can Work As a Regular Bulb in Life.Meanwhile,It is Charging Automatically.If Power Outage, It Will Light On.
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We Are Automatically Light Up When The Power Cut

Our LED Emergency light bulb can installs in any standard household medium base socket, in the event of a power cut, the emergency bulb will light automatically helping to illuminate your home for 3-5 hours.

Operates as a regular bulb and turns on and off with any standard light switch. While the light fixture is on, the emergency light bulb built-in lithium-ion battery charges itself and takes about 5 to 10 hours to fully charge.o

Good Battery Ensures The Backup Lights That Last Up to Your Need

We use lithium batteries in the emergency light bulb, including 18650 lithium batteries and 32650 lithium batteries.

18650 batteries now will last between 500 and 1000 charge cycles, and 32650 batteries up to 2000 charge cycles. but battery lifetime can be extended far beyond those numbers if charged regularly before complete discharge.

The emergency light bulb internal driver includes protection circuit boards (PCBs) to monitor a battery’s discharge rate and internal temperature, and ensure the emergency lights are safe during use.

Lithium batteries are a great option for the emergency light bulb as these cells typically have higher capacities than the Lead-acid batteries.

Make Sure The Bulbs Are Used Correctly

If you are to control two or more LED emergency light bulbs with one switch, the live line and zero line connection must be uniform. For example, uniformly connect the electrical foot contact of each bulb to the live line and the screw thread contact to the zero line. If the live line and zero line connection is not uniform, the emergency light bulbs will remain lighting (before battery exhaustion) and cannot be switched off.

101 intelligent LED emergency light bulbs realizes emergency lighting by detecting other electric equipment in the power network and forming a loop with its internal circuit. If the entire power network does not have any other electric equipment, please add a starter (a resistor with resistance not lower than 220kΩ and power not higher than 1W, for optimal performance)in parallel to the zero line and live line before the control switch (See the figure below).