A Series UVC Germicidal Lamp

A Series UVC Germicidal Lamp

The germicidal lamp using quartz glass, with a wavelength of 257.3nm, smaller volume, easy to use, can be used for any Edison screw
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LED Garage Lighting Deformable Light

B Series LED Garage Deformable Bulb

B Series LED Garage Deformable Lights

Super Bright LED Garage Lights, Adjustable LED Heads for Your Convenience to Adjust The Angle of Light to Focus The Area You Work.
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C Series RGB LED Smart Bulbs

C Series Color Changing Light Bulb

Remote-Control and Colour-Changing LED RGB Light Bulb, You Can Choose Your Favorite Color According to Your Mood and Create a Romantic Atmosphere to Every Corner
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Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp

Myde Lighting UVC germicidal lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp that uses low pressure mercury vapor (<10-2Pa) to be excited to emit ultraviolet light. Our germicidal lamps produce 250nm-260nm wavelength can play a good sterilization effect.

Germicidal lamps are very popular, especially in an era of large populations and rapid growth of bacteria, take this opportunity to make your business develop rapidly.

Myde will provide 100% support for your business by providing a complete set of germicidal lamp manufacturing solutions and excellent after-sales service. Get instant quotes now.

Germicidal Lamp: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you are engaged in the lighting industry or the health protection industry, you definitely need UV germicidal lamps.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps have a wide range of uses. Hospitals, schools, nurseries, movie theaters, buses, offices, homes, etc., can purify the air and eliminate moldy smell. In addition, it can also produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The air is particularly fresh

But, how can you choose the best UV germicidal lamp?

Let us find out:

1. What is UV germicidal lamp?

germicidal lamp is a special type of lamp that produces ultraviolet C (UVC) light.

This short-wave ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base pairing, causing formation of pyrimidine dimers, and leads to the inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. disinfection.

2. What are the advantages of UV germicidal lamps?

Compared with chemical sterilization, UV germicidal lamp has the  advantage of high sterilization efficiency, inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds, and does not produce other chemical pollutants.
UV germicidal lamp can also inactivate microorganisms. Households can purify water by installing an ultraviolet water purification system. Air purifiers equipped with UV germicidal lamp can harmlessly float bacteria in the air. Sewage treatment plants, food plants, breweries, beverage plants, etc. also use ultraviolet sterilization.

3.Are there any limitations to UV germicidal lamps?

UVC germicidal lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp, UV mercury lamp has been used for a long time.

however, mercury lamp has many limitations, such as low efficiency at low temperature, fragile and fragile, long-term preheating, mercury leakage risk

4.What is the purpose of UV germicidal lamp?

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are widely used.

Hospitals, schools, nurseries, movie theaters, buses, offices, homes, etc., can purify the air and eliminate the musty smell. In addition, it can also produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The rooms sterilized by ultraviolet rays are particularly fresh.

In public places, ultraviolet disinfection can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through the surface of objects.

5.What are the parts of a UV germicidal lamp?

6.How do you use UV germicidal lamps to achieve disinfection?

7.What other technologies can replace UV germicidal lamps?

8.How does a UV germicidal lamp work?

9.How many kinds of UV germicidal lamps are there?

10.What are the specifications of UV germicidal lamps?

11.What factors determine the quality of materials?

12.What factors determine the output of quality UV germicidal lamps?

13.What will affect the capacity of UV germicidal lamps?

14.What quality standards should UV germicidal lamp factories meet?