A Series LED Energy-saving Lamp

A Series Efficient LED Energy-saving Lamp

Our Cylindrical LED Bulb Inside is Made of Aluminium Material, Heat Dissipation Effect Better, Plus PC Lampshade, Not As Easy to Break As Glass, Softened Light Will Not Hurt The Eyes.
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LED Garage Lighting Deformable Light

B Series LED Garage Deformable Bulb

B Series LED Garage Deformable Lights

Super Bright LED Garage Lights, Adjustable LED Heads for Your Convenience to Adjust The Angle of Light to Focus The Area You Work.
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C Series RGB LED Smart Bulbs

C Series Color Changing Light Bulb

Remote-Control and Colour-Changing LED RGB Light Bulb, You Can Choose Your Favorite Color According to Your Mood and Create a Romantic Atmosphere to Every Corner
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Upgrade your home and garden with efficient LED energy-saving lamps for a cost-saving solution

The difference between LED lamps and traditional incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps is mainly from the principle of illumination. Traditional lighting bulbs such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps are used to convert electric energy into thermal energy and then be converted into light energy. Wasted most of the energy, LED lights are directly converted into light energy, this process saves most of the energy

instant on light(no warm-up time like with CFL), reduced power consumption that yields a 60-80% energy savings! The efficient LED energy-saving lamp has a rated life of 50,000 hours – 5 times longer than that of CFL lamps. This eliminates costly replacement cycles and reduces maintenance costs.


Better Protection of Your Eyes From Glare From Light Bulbs Due to Different Product Configurations and White Light Cover Compared to LED Corn Lamps

At present, many LED corn lamps do not have a lampshade and only use a transparent lampshade. There is no secondary light distribution, and the LED can be seen. The light is harsh and hurts your eyes. 

Our high-quality LED energy-saving lamps use light-diffusing materials. When the LED light reaches the lampshade, the light is diffused away. After lighting, the LED light source is not visible. The LED energy-saving lamp becomes a large light source, and the light-diffusing lampshade is generally transparent. The rate is above 80%, the effect is good, not glaring, better to protect your eyes.

The Efficient LED Retrofit Bulbs Install Quickly and Easily Into An Existing CFL Fixture

In the past, a lot of maintenance was required to keep lighting fixtures operational. Efficient LED energy-saving lamp requires virtually no maintenance. This helps to improve safety and visibility. Maintenance employees are not having to constantly replace lamps and ballasts, reducing the risks of an injury or accident. 

To get the benefits of LED without replacing all your existing fixtures, all you need to do is replacing CFL with LED bulbs, you’re dramatically reducing the cost of replacement lamps as well as maintenance time and fees.